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DTV NEVADA TOWER use of Elephant Armor

The DTV Nevada Tower site is at 9,750 feet in the Tahoe National Forest overlooking Lake Tahoe. The tower foundation was poured in 2000 and since 2010 the cracks and spalling have increased in depth after every freeze and thaw cycle. When the rebar was starting to show it was very clear we needed to find a repair.

We investigated Epoxy with PPG and that required yearly maintenance. The conventional solution of encapsulation would be difficult and costly at 9,750 feet for trucks or helicopters. Elephant Armor provided a means to make the repair a reality in 2014 and also provide a maintenance free solution. This new material is a game changer for Tower Foundations.
Alan Nichols
Chief Engineer, KTVN CBS TV


I wanted to drop a note to you saying thanks for exposing us to Elephant Armor. The product performs exactly how you have stated it would and has served us very well on our construction projects. We have long standing relationships with several industrial plants in our area and we are finding Elephant Armor as a wonderful product to  use as a concrete repair. Its flexibility and adhesion to the substrate materials is performing well and the owners we have shown it to are happy to see their problem areas repaired. I hope as time passes we will be able to expand our use of Elephant armor to other aspects of maintenance and new construction projects.

Thank you.
Jay Lilly
Director of Engineering, Berenyi Incorporated

Thanks for demonstrating your product for us. My crew found the Elephant Armor easy to use with the hands on demo. They were happy with the ability to free form the product on our older bridge structures with minimal effort. Working vertical or horizontal the Elephant Armor stayed where it was put and set up form free. After 2 weeks and below freezing temperatures with snow and rain there was been no shrinkage or any type of separation from the original structure. The product mixes easily, clean up was just as easy.

 -Cordon Snyder
Senior Road District Supervisor
Placer County Public Works

My name is Ray Estorga my company is Under the Sea Inc. We specialize in concrete repairs and restoration. We have been using your product Elephant Armor for the last 9 months with excellent results. The product performs as stated on the bag. We have used it for crack repairs in and around pools as well as for decorative concrete. Interior and exterior applications, both residential and commercial. Elephant Armor is our go-to-product for all our repair jobs. I would highly recommend Elephant Armor to any contractor or homeowner for all concrete repairs. 

Ray Estorga
Under The Sea Inc.



We see this product as a real game changer in our industry. Whether it's being used for a decorative, stampable overlay or a spall repair on a major highway, Elephant Armor exceeds all expectations and delivers unprecedented results. Technology is green and at work in concrete restoration! Taking distribution in Northern CA was a no brainer for us.

- Randy Sanford, President &Co-Founder, Spec West Concrete Systems


I’ve never seen anything like this. Elephant Armor is going to revolutionize the concrete world.

- Jay Langman, DHC Supplies, Inc.


I'm quite sure no one has ever attempted finishing a 1/2 inch cementitious overlay using a hydraulic riding trowel…Until Now! The tensile and flexural strength of this material is off the charts! Elephant Armor is a real breakthrough in overlay technology!

-Bruce Gesick, Gesick Concrete
Oroville, CA



We patched asphalt with Elephant Armor, including an area with a transition from concrete to asphalt. The asphalt we patched was alligatored and nasty. Now, we have forklifts running over it, tractor-trailers running over it. There really isn’t anything similar. This stuff just does not crack.         

-Mark Bodenhamer
VP of Sales and Procurement, Spec-West